In Spirit & Truth

IN SPIRIT & TRUTH is a story of race, love, social pressures, and personal change, across multiple cultures. Bobby Johnson's family was part of the great northern migration of the post-war 1950s, leaving the family farm and seeking a better life and dependable work in Michigan's then-booming auto industry.  During the annual layoff for model-year changeover and at every other opportunity, however, the family returns home to rural Alabama, to live with Bobby's grandparents.  Deep in that segregated south and amid the racial tensions of the summer of 1963, ten-year-old Bobby meets Millicent Cummins (Mercy), a nine-year-old African-American girl. Follow their complicated and unlikely relationship through three tumultuous decades.

"What a simple, moving story, told without a trace of cynicism! IN SPIRIT & TRUTH would be a perfect selection for book club discussions of race, childhood innocence, and the nature of true friendship in difficult times." - Nook Reader

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